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Madison Markel

Madison is the daughter of Jeff and Jenny Markel.  Madison plans on attending college to become a children's psychologist and minor in education.  

Madison enjoys reading in her spare time and she loves to sing.  This is evident in her selection to district choir.  We will miss Madison being our school mascot!  She always had the ability to get the fans cheering.  She wore this hat for all four years of high school.  Thank you Madison!  She is also a cheerleader and serves on Student Council.  

Blackhawk pride "means a family that stands together no matter what.  School spirit that makes the whole gym shake."

Congratulations and best of luck, Madison, as you graduate with the 
Class of 2018.

Autumn West
Autumn is the daughter of Mandy Hoepfner and Fritz West.  Autumn plans to go to college, and hopefully become a journalist.  

Autumn enjoys being with friends, reading, going to concerts and napping with her dogs.  She is actively involved in Speech and Debate, Yearbook, and Scholar Bowl.  A great memory for Autumn is photo-shopping with Emilea Dines in yearbook the past years.  

What does Blackhawk Pride mean to Autumn?  "It means stepping outside of my comfort zone with my friends". 

 Good Luck to you, Autumn, after your graduation with the Class of 2018 and going after your dream of being a journalist.

McKenzie Taylor

McKenzie Taylor is the daughter of Jenny Vermillion and Shawn Taylor.  McKenzie plans to attend Longview Community college in the Fall of 2018.  She plans to get her associates degree to become a  Physical Therapy Assistant.  

McKenzie is a member of the Adrian Softball Team and also enjoys playing competitive softball in her spare time.

McKenzie has enjoyed growing up in a small town and adds "make the most out of high school, it does fly by."

Good Luck to McKenzie as she begins a new journey after graduating with the Class of 2018.   

Trenton Bagby    

Trenton is the son of Scott and Megan Bagby.   Trenton plans to go to UCM and get his degree in Ag Business.  His long range goal is to find a position as a sales rep for livestock show feeds.  

Trenton is very involved in our Adrian FFA chapter where he is currently the Chapter President.  He is also involved in Varsity Trap and FBLA.  His spare time is spent fishing, hunting, and showing pigs during the summer.  

Mr. Romi and the FFA Chapter will miss Trenton's leadership that he brings to this organization.  We wish you luck, Trenton, as you graduate with the Class of 2018 and your future endeavors.  

Will Sears

Will is the son of Matt and Mary Ellen Sears.  Will plans on getting his EMT after graduation.  He currently a is volunteer firefighter for the City of Adrian.  

In his spare time he enjoys playing Madden football with his dad.  He enjoys driving around town and hanging out with his friends.  Will is involved in FFA, FBLA and FCCLA.   He was recently named the Optimist Student of the Month.  Will has a great attitude and always has a smile on his face.

A fun memory for Will is going on a family vacation in 2017 to Ukraine and he was able to make contact with his sister and spend some time with her.  Very exciting time for the family!  

To finish off his years at Adrian, Will is looking forward to going on the Senior trip coming up in a couple of weeks.  

Best of Luck to you Will and congratulations on all of your accomplishments.

Robert Reese

Robert is the son of Christine and Daniel Engelken and Dennis Reese.  Robert plans on attending Longview or UCM in Warrensburg.  He plans to receive a Bachelors Degree in Education majoring in English and/or History.

In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, reading and hanging out with friends.  Robert is very active at school and can be seen "rapidly" trying to get from point A to point B to take pictures for yearbook.  He is also involved with Speech and Drama, TSA, NHS, TEAMS and Track and Field.  

He recently gave a presentation at our teacher PD day.  One poem that Robert wrote and read was entitled "What Teachers Make" which basically was Teachers Make A Difference.  He told the staff that they have made a difference to him because now he wants to be a teacher!

A favorite school memory for Robert was in Trig class, "where we would often have deep, interesting, and completely hilarious philosophical talks in the middle of the lesson".  What does Blackhawk Pride mean to you?  "It means caring about the other people in your school and community, and doing your best to make it better than it already is."  

Best of Luck, Robert!

Chase Newport

Chase is the son of Crystal and Jim Reeves and Travis Newport.  Chase is active in the Adrian Baseball team.  Coach Noland stated that "Chase has become a great leader for our team. He is our catcher and controls every aspect of the game for us. He makes sure everyone is on the same page for every batter and makes sure everyone knows what the defensive call is. I am looking forward to him having a very good Senior season."  

A favorite memory for Chase is being a part of the first Adrian baseball team to hang a banner in the HS gym.  What does Blackhawk Pride mean to you?  "It means being a family on or off the field."  

Good Luck to you Chase as you start your final season as catcher of the Adrian Blackhawk Baseball team and with your college plans.

 Nick Preston    

Nicholas (Nick) Preston plans to attend the University of Missouri and major in Business.  Nick recently completed his basketball career at Adrian High and was selected to the 1st Team All-Conference Basketball.  Congratulations, Nick!

Nick is also involved in FBLA, NHS, Student Council, Football, and Track.  He was honored this Fall with a selection to the All Academic Football Team for the State of Missouri.  When Nick was asked about what Blackhawk Pride means to him, he stated "Blackhawk pride is giving your best effort and striving to be the best you can be as a student, an athlete, and an citizen.

Nick won the Osage Valley essay contest last spring and spent a week touring in Washington DC with other Missouri students.  

In Nick's spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends.  We wish Nick continued success in the remainder of his HS year and on to Mizzou! 
 Shout out Migos!

Cierra Pugh

Cierra is the daughter of Ronald and Dedra Pugh.  Cierra plans on becoming a Veterinarian.  The College of the Ozarks is her plan for the first 4 years then MU or UCM for the last 4 or 5 years.  She has always loved animals and since she was 5 she has known she wanted to become a Vet.  

Ciera enjoys art in her spare time.  She has always been creative and is good at it.  She also enjoys reading and cooking. She enjoys cooking for family functions and dinners at home.  

The art program at Adrian High has been one of her favorites.  She has been in the program for 4 years.  Her favorite thing to do is charcoal and she feels like this is her strong suit.  

Blackhawks Pride "means alot of things to me.  It's my home town, it's the people I grew up with, it's where i foudn myself.  I wouldn' be who I am today with my school and the poeople in it.  No one can replace what Adrian R3 has shown me, what it has taught me.  I am proud to be a Blackhawk and always will be."

Congratulations and best of luck Cierra as you go get your dream of becoming a veterinarian.    

Mickeaylla Sproat
Mickeaylla is the daughter of Stephen and Wanda Sproat.  Mickeaylla  plans to pursue a career in History Education at Missouri Western and continue through to her doctorate.  

Mickeaylla enjoys going to concerts, spend time with friends and family.  She is actively involved in NHS, Yearbook, Scholar Bowl, Speech and Debate.  When she does have spare time she tries to make time to volunteer.  Her first choice is to volunteer at a humane society.  

Mickeaylla plans on going to Australia this summer for 15 days before heading off to college.  What does Blackhawk Pride mean to you?  "It means that regardless of where I go, a part of me will be a Blackhawk and I will always be proud of my fellow Blackhawks!"  

Good Luck to you Mickeaylla and have a great time in Australia!

MaryGrace Ward

MaryGrace Ward is the daughter of David and Laura Ward.  MaryGrace plans to serve a couple terms in Americorps for the fun and the scholarships.  After completing her term, she would like to attend UCM and major in music education and minor in photography.

MaryGrace likes to discover and binge watch new tv shows.  She also likes to capture anything she thinks is beautiful with her camera.  MaryGrace will miss being a part of "Swicks" classes (aka Sheila Adkins)  

"Blackhawk Pride to me is the same love I have for the Chiefs.  It is what I grew up with and I just have this natural love for it."  She will miss the teachers after she graduates.  "They have influenced me the most and they'll always have a special place in my heart".  

Good Luck to you MaryGrace as you being your new journey.

Maly Sears

Maly is the daughter of Matt and Mary Ellen Sears.  Maly plans to attend Kansas State University in the fall and major in Landscape Architecture and minor in Spanish.  

In Maly's spare time, she enjoys drawing and painting, reading, watching documentaries, going on walks around town with friends, watching Doctor Who, writing poetry, playing board games, and creating new iterations of the grilled cheese sandwich.  Maly is very creative to say the least.

Maly has been involved in the Technology Student Association (TSA), soccer, National Honor Society (NHS), yearbook, scholar bowl, and Fellowship of christian Athletes (FCA)

Maly enjoys traveling to new countries.  One of her favorite memories is eating fancy pancakes with her family on a patio in Lviv, Ukraine.  "It was a magical moment with the sun setting and cellow playing in the background."

When asked what Blackhawk Pride meant to her, she replied " Blackhawk Pride is all the amazing things the students do in art, sports, speech, choir and so on.  I think Adrian students are extremely talented and we should be proud of our accomplishments."  

Good Luck to you, Maly, on your future adventures!

Jacob Stephanek

Jacob is the son of Kandus Stephanek and Justin Stephanek.  Jacob plans on going to college and study construction management.  

Jacob enjoys spending time with friends and family.  When baseball season starts, that is where all his focus is.    Besides being involved in baseball, Jacob is also involved in our FFA Chapter.  

When asked to share something fun about himself, he couldn't pinpoint just one thing; " I just love to have fun!"  he commented.  

Best of luck, Jacob, on your journey and congratulations on graduating with the Class of 2018.  

Payton Ritter

Payton is the daughter of Steven and Lori Ritter.  After graduation, Payton plans on attending JCCC to play softball or a University to major in Graphic Design.  

In her spare time, Payton enjoys working on softball with her dad, watching reality TV and online shopping.    Payton has been very involved in activities which include, cheerleader, softball, yearbook, STUCO, and FCCLA.  

Her favorite memory as a whole was her junior year.  "Our school spirit really peaked and I think we put together the best student section Adrian has ever had.  Also, getting to go to Columbia and watch our girls basketball team take second at state was such a cool experience".  

What does Blackhawk Pride mean to you? "It means supporting every single event our school is involved in and wanting the best for our teammates and classmates.  It's about getting to share hard earned successes with people that you have known your whole life."

Best of Luck, Payton!

Remi Pittman

Remi Pittman is the daughter of Troy and Kathy Pittman.  She plans on going to college and major in physical therapy.  Remi has been involved in sports all 4 years of HS and excelled in all of them.  She is a member of the basketball, track, and volleyball teams, cheer squad, NHS, Stuco, and FCCLA.

One of her favorite memories about her time here is going to state basketball in 2017.  "This is an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I shared so many memories with my teammates and coach.  I will always thank the Adrian Blackhawk Basektball team and the community for the constant support shown through the season.  This town has had a huge impact on my life". 

What does Blackhawk Pride Mean to You?  "It means having school spirit.  I personally show the most Blackhawk Pride when I am cheering on our football boys every Friday night and being a participant in the student section during other sport seasons."  

Good Luck to you Remi !  We will miss watching you compete next year.  

 Jordyn Koehler

Jordyn Koehler plans to attend Longview Community College for two years then on to UCM in Warrensburg to get her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  Jordyn is part of the Adrian Choir Acahawks where they have been kept busy lately going to competition.  

In Jordyn's spare time she enjoys hanging out with family and friends.  Blackhawk Pride means "to never give up; even when things get hard.  Always keep pushing forward."

A favorite memory for Jordyn is "when I was in choir, last year, and I was joking around at a choir party, I have this little walk called the "dinosaur walk" that I was doing.  The next day in class Mrs. Kilgore told me to do the walk in front of the class.  Even though I was hesitant at first, I did it, and the whole class was cracking up.  Mrs. Kilgore had my name in a Christmas gift exchange and she purchased me a lunch box with, you guessed it, dinosaurs on it."

Good Luck to you, Jordyn,  as you get ready to graduate with the Class of 2018 and continue your education.  

 Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones plans on going straight into the construction work force after graduating with the Class of 2018 in May.  

Courtney is involved with Adrian Band and our Adrian FFA Chapter.  She enjoys hanging out with family in her spare time.  Her favorite memory is going to Sea World in Florida and getting to interact with the dolphins.  Since Courtney is involved in band and is at a lot of our home games, she feels that Blackhawk Pride means coming out to support the teams.

Courtney enjoys animals and hopes to be able to volunteer at an animal shelter one day and help find homes for our four legged friends.  

Best of Luck to you Courtney after your graduation from AHS.
 Jessica Keel

Jessica Keel plans on becoming a nurse after graduating with the Class of 2018.  She is currently involved with helping at the Adrian Manor where she has become interested in the nursing field.

Jessica enjoys spending time with friends and riding horses in her spare time.  A favorite memory of Jessica's is going to Montana with her family.

Jessica is ready to see what her future holds after graduation and we wish her the best of luck!

Carter Lalumia 

Carter Lalumia is currently in the middle of his Senior wrestling season where he recently got his 100th win in the wrestling program.  Carter has made his mark on Adrian wrestling and even though Carter is a "quiet" participant we recognize the strength he has given to the program.  

After graduation, Carter would like to become an electrician.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and "tearing stuff up".  Besides being involved in wrestling, Carter is also a member of the Adrian FFA.  

Carter looks forward to his weekends, which this time of year is spent at wrestling tournaments; but, Spring is coming and Carter can get to fishing.  Good Luck, Carter, on your future plans.

William Kussmaul

William Kussmaul plans to attend UCM to obtain a degree in Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.  William enjoys playing video and board games, reading and watching TV.  

William is a member of the National Honor Society, Choir and the Gaming Club. William stated "believe it or not, I often end up playing a support role in team-based games usually a healer.  Whether or not I'm good at it, I'll leave that to you."  

William enjoys working with others.  When asked about volunteering, he would volunteer as a mentor.  Blackhawk Pride means "that you support your school whether it is helping fellow students out, telling people the (somtimes) harsh truth, or participating in school events.  It looks like William already has a little of what it takes to get that degree in Secondary Education.  

Good Luck to you, William!

Summer King

Summer King always has a smile on her face.  She plans to attend State Fair Community College to study to become a dental hygienist.  She is currently working at the nursing home in Adrian and she keeps her head held high everyday to keep moving forward.

Summer enjoys spending time with family and her best friend.  She enjoys riding horses and listening to music.  Summer is a member of the Adrian Lady Blackhawks softball team.  It has given her more confidence and made some great friends while playing.  She said that Blackhawk Pride means "to come together as a community and family and stick together to make the community happy."  

Summer is proud of her class and everything they have accomplished.  She wishes them luck in life and "just follow your heart and move forward...not backward."  Summer has a great attitude and we wish her luck after graduation.

 Taylor Edmiston

Taylor Edmiston has not yet decided where she is going to attend college.  With so many choices in colleges in the area, that is a tough decision. 

Taylor is one of our Blackhawk Cheerleaders and she enjoys that.  She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.  While in HS Taylor has been involved in cheerleading and FCCLA.  When asked about volunteering, Taylor would enjoy volunteering at a humane society.  

Many students have enjoyed naming the states they have visited.  Taylor said a fun fact about herself is that she has only visited 4 states but she has been in 5 different countries.  

What does Blackhawk Pride mean to Taylor?  "It means to be proud of being a Blackhawk.  To actually attend events, whether it is a sporting event or a choir concert.  Just making sure that you show your support to your fellow Blackhawks.  

Good Luck Taylor!

 Jordan Gray

Jordan Gray is the son of John and Loretta Gray.  The Gray family owns Gray's Restaurant in Adrian.  Jordan plans to continue working at the restaurant after graduation and continue working on his bowling score.  Jordan enjoys bowling in his spare time and would like to become a Pro Bowler someday.  

Jordan's Blackhawk Pride is supporting your team and your class; "having fun with loyalty."  If there was an opportunity to volunteer Jordan would choose a homeless shelter to help those that are less fortunate.  He has given back to the school by helping Coach Noland manage the Adrian Blackhawks Baseball team.  

Good luck to you, Jordan, during the rest of your senior year and after graduation with the Class of 2018.  Thank you for your hard work!

 Sami Costigan

Sami Costigan is the daughter of Mike and Tisha Costigan.  Sami has been accepted in the Pre-Veterinary program at Kansas State University.  She will be working towards her Veterinary Medicine Doctorate.  She has a good start with wanting to become a vet, as she works at the Koch-Stiggie Vet Clinic.  She also enjoys reading, drawing, writing and blogging in her spare time.

Sami is the secretary of our FFA Chapter and she attends every FCA meeting and will often volunteer for devotions and ice breakers.  She is also the Historian for Adrian's NHS Chapter.  Blackhawk Pride to Sami means family.  She says..."You can't grow up in a small town in a small school where all your cousins pick on you in the halls and not think of it as home".

"I love working at the vet clinic. My parents have always told me that if you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life. And, boy is that true. The clinic consumes most of my time. I walk through the door, and by the time I leave, I have learned so much. Every single day, I'm doing something different."

Good Luck to you, Sami, as you continue your senior year and becoming a KSate Wildcat next fall. 

 LeRon Diamond

LeRon Diamond plans on taking his love for music to become your future favorite artist.  He enjoys listening to music and watching Kung-Fu movies in his spare time.  Leron is the son of LeRon and Linda Diamond.

LeRon is a member of the Adrian Blackhawks Basketball Team, Track Team and FBLA.  LeRon would enjoy volunteering as a mentor.  Good luck to you your last semester at Adrian High School and as you enter the world of "adulting".     
 Kate Bunch

Kate Bunch plans to attend Missouri State University and major in pre-veterinary medicine.  She is the daughter of Brandon and Kristie Bunch.

Kate enjoys spending time with friends and making new memories.  She is involved in Adrian FFA and is a member of the Blackhawks Cheer Team.  With Kate's interest in veterinary medicine she would enjoy volunteering at a humane society.  

Kate describes what Blackhawk Pride means to her, "Blackhawk Pride means that you respect our school and represent the black and gold colors.  You cheer through all the good times and are there to pick our team(s) up in the bad times as well."

Thank you Kate for your involvement and pride you have in our school.  Good luck to you in your last semester at Adrian High and in becoming a college student.

 Denton Cunningham
Meet Denton Cunningham, our senior spotlight of the week.  He is the son of Matthew and Julie Cunningham.   Denton plans to attend Metropolitan Community college then transfer to UCM.  Denton is a member of FFA, the Blackhawk Football Team and the Blackhawk Baseball Team.

In Denton's spare time, he enjoys binge watching all of the Transformer movies.  If he could choose to volunteer somewhere, he would spend time helping those in need at a homeless shelter.  

"What does Blackhawk Pride mean to you?"  Denton commented that it means "showing up and getting to work.  Pushing yourself past your limits and becoming a better person everyday."

We appreciate Denton's hard work and wish him continued success.  
Enjoy the rest of your senior year.  

 Ashlee Burris
Meet our senior spotlight this week, Ashlee Burris.  She is the daughter of 
Mike and Michele Burris.  Ashlee plans to attend UCM and major in nursing with a minor in missionary work. In June of 2017, Ashlee made a mission trip to the Dominican Republic for nine days.

Ashlee is very busy at school and doesn't have alot of extra time right now.  She serves as Student Council President, FCCLA President, NHS Vice-President, FCA Devotion Leader, member of the Scholar Bowl and a Blackhawk Cheerleader.  If given a choice, Ashlee would enjoy volunteering at the VFW.  

Ashlee shares her Blackhawk Pride and feels a sense of belonging no matter who you are or the situation you were born into.  

Thank you Ashlee, for your leadership in our school and community.  We wish you continued success for the remainder of your senior year
 and in your nursing career.

 Izaak Adams

Izaak Adams will graduate from Adrian High School at semester. His plans after graduation is to join the Navy.  In his spare time, he enjoys driving his car and cooking. 
Ms Dillilio stated that Izaak enjoys being creative in her FACS class.

If he could choose to volunteer somewhere he would enjoy volunteering his time at an animal shelter.  A favorite memory of Izaak's is traveling around Europe with his family.  

"When I'm in a slump, I comfort myself by saying if I believe in dinosaurs, then somewhere, they must be believing in me. And if they believe in me, then I can believe in me."  Then I bust out laughing.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Izaak luck and much success in his Naval career.
Destyne Bollinger

Destyne Bollinger plans to attend Metropolitan Community College and get a feel for what she is interested in.  After obtaining her Associates Degree she plans to transfer to Northwest Missouri State University.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and visiting family and friends in Liberty.  Destyne has been involved in cheerleading at Adrian High School.  If she could volunteer somewhere, she would choose to spend time helping at a homeless shelter. 

A favorite memory for Destyne is "When I was in elementary school, I auditioned to be a dancer for a program at my church called, "praise kids". At that time I had recently quit gymnastics and had zero dancing experience. I wasn't very good but I fell in love. After begging my mom, I enrolled at Studio 10 and danced there for two years. When I started to get better my mom enrolled me at Melroe's School of Dance where I started competitive dance. My junior year I became a a part of the Liberty Sapphire's dance team. Long story short, dance helped me gain confidence, make friends and gave me several great memories."

Destyne believes that Blackhawk Pride is the love not only for Adrian High School but the community as a whole.  It is represented in your attitude, your participation and inolvement.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Destyne continued success as she finishes her senior year and after graduation in May of 2018