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TEAMS is a branch off of TSA. Students went to a competition at Missouri S&T in Rolla in February. At this level students had to prepare an essay over the following topic: "The nation has relied on fossil fuels for decades. Recently, technological advances and concern about climate change have led to increased discussion on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. The United States has seen an increase in the use of renewable sources, but some would argue that the rate of change is too slow. Others would counter that sources of renewable energy are not technologically ready to replace fossil fuels. You have been asked to identify a source of renewable energy to generate power for your home state within the next five years. Select one source of energy that is particularly applicable to your state. Identify a technological issue with your selected source that, if improved, would greatly improve this effort.Estimate the cost of implementing your proposed solution." At the actual competition students worked as a TEAM to complete an 80 question multiple choice test. The test had 8 different engineering scenarios that they would have to use math, science, and engineering knowledge to solve. Additionally students had to compete in a design and build challenge. Students had to build a robotic arm from a set of materials they brought. Their arm had to pick up a full water bottle and place it on a target. They were awarded points for accuracy, price of arm, and time it took to complete the task.From there we learned this past week that we qualified to compete at the national level. Nationals this year takes place in Orlando, FL June 21-25th. Students will have to complete an additional essay, prepare an oral presentation accompanied with a poster, and will work as a team to answer an engineering problem that is accompanied by additional math and science questions. Right now, we have calculated we are sitting 5th in the nation in our division. This is a HUGE accomplishment for our group! 
Congratulations Amina S, James K., Bryant M, Gavin R., Brady T., Zack U., Mary W., Dylan P. and sponsor Lesli Lame