Journalism Current Events

First Murder Hornet Nest Found in the US

By: Abbie Johnson

News of murder hornets first broke back in May of 2020. The Asian giant hornets or “Murder Hornet” are native to East Asia and Japan. They are the world’s largest wasp at 2 inches long. They have a yellow-orange face and yellow and black bands around their lower section. The first murder hornet nest in the United States was found in Blaine, Washington when homeowner Josie Shelton found their nest on a tree on her 40 acre property.

Even though European Bee’s venom is more toxic than the murder hornets venom, murder hornets don’t die after they sting something like European Bees do, so they can sting over and over again. People have described the sting as being stabbed by a burning hot pin. Even though we don’t know exactly what it would look if the murder hornets migrate to the United States, we do know it would be deadly.

Corona takes the Court

By- Andrew Bruno-Willis

The NBA has faced some major adversity going into the 2020 season. The league started off doing well, all leagues playing each other no abnormalities and everyone enjoying the games. Until a Utah jazz player, Rudy Gobert, and teammate Donovan Mitchell, came down with COVID. These cases led to the shut down of the whole Jazz organization and also made other games postponed due to the fact they had played the Jazz in the previous week.

Soon after more cases started popping up they cancelled the entire season for 30 days after the initial Jazz case. The NBA wanted their fans and players to still enjoy the game so the moved the playoff teams to Orlando, Florida, where they would compete to play in the finals.

If we could get all sports associations to do “bubbles”, I feel like the spread of Corona will slow down tremendously. Not only that, but if we could get highschool teams to do this too it would save a lot of games from being cancelled.

Who’s gonna Win?

By Tony Scaletty

This election can be one of the most important events in modern american history. While I understand that most of you can not vote yet, it is important to make yourselves aware of the situation our country is in, and who our next president is most likely to be. While you may not be able to vote, you will in future years, and you need to know how the country will be shaped.

Typically the elections are decided by the undecided voters. This year it seems as though that may not be the case. Several states have already voted and Biden has a majority in the polls. Biden is up by 9% currently. There are a lot of states that are typically red, but are split in this election. South Carolina being a prime example of this blue shift. This typically red state, is split and their long standing senator, Lindsey Graham, might be replaced this upcoming election.

The Flying Squirrel Scandal

By: Mckenzi Self

Florida has had some wild activities going on this year, but this one takes the cake. Seven people were charged for trafficking flying squirrels, an endangered species, from Florida to Asia. In the state of Florida, the flying squirrels are a protected species and as many as 3,600 of them were trapped in less than three years, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said. The poachers put out over 10,000 traps throughout the area. Buyers from South Korea would travel to Florida and purchase the endangered animal and drive them in rental cars to Chicago.

These squirrels are estimated to be worth more than $1 million and Mr.Knox, a trafficker, received $213,800 from this job. Six of the seven people suspected have been arrested. One is considered a fugitive, still being on the run. The commission was first tipped off by a citizen in January of 2019. Taking these squirrels from their ecosystem could have an impact on their predators, like owls. But because the squirrels have a high reproductive rate, the population will most likely be able to bounce back fairly quickly from this poaching incident.

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What’s Happening With College Football?

By Kaycee Thompson

This year with Covid sports have been in question, especially College football. At first the season was cancelled, which caused a huge concern to the college towns and the schools that depend on college sports to stay up and running. “At some top programs, football can generate $150 million and as much as 75% of college sports revenue annually, and schools already have cut three times as many less popular sports during the pandemic as they did in the past three years combined (Birnbaum 2).” Some colleges were even trying to preserve as much money as possible because if the football season didn’t happen “tens of millions of dollars if the football season is lost.”

With the decision by President Trump, College Football is now happening for most colleges but not without precautions. The amount of fans able to attend has dropped to about ⅓ of fans that are normally in attendance. And some schools have stopped allowing tailgating to help prevent the amount of people around each other. They have hand sanitizer stations all around each stadium and fans are placed apart to keep the distance. Also, most schools have switched, if they haven't already, to digital ticketing. This will allow people to get in with minimal to no touch. Even with these precautions the fans have been counting down until the first kick off of the college season!

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