Adrian Blackhawk Acahawks

By Jan Atchison

The Adrian Blackhawk Acahawks are a very talented group of singers. They are lead by Adrian’s amazing choir teacher Mrs. Morganne Welhoff. In order to be in Acahawks, you have to audition. Auditions are held at the end of the year by Welhoff. If you are in Acahawks, you are required to take it as a class. They start with singing warm ups like “Mommy made me mash my m&ms.” The group of twelve consists of two basses, two tenors, four altos, and four sopranos. When asked what her favorite thing about Acahawks is, Soprano and Junior Ashlyn Foster said, “The songs we get to sing and the people that we get to do it with.” The Acahawks are an involved group; they do things like help with the talent show and sing the national anthem at games. The group bonds with their voices and their common interest in singing; it is something that brings them all together. They use the talent of their voices to bring the community and the school joy. One of Foster’s favorite songs to sing with the group is “Bridge over Troubled Water.” They bring up spirits and Blackhawk pride with their incredible voices. They do go to district choir to be judged. This is a team that brings many people together. They not only use them to bring up people but they use them to bring up our Blackhawk pride.