High School and Middle School Band

By Noel Martinez

The band is directed by Sydney Ware. The middle and high school band has improved very well from last year. Senior Dylan Piveral said he most enjoyed “helping teach new kids and the friendships made each year.” Piveral’s personal favorite thing about band is playing on Friday nights during halftime of football games. Piveral stated, “Band teaches you discipline, self motivation and working with others to make good music.” The students had been practicing harder, been more competitive, and gotten closer as a band this year. In October, the band competed in the Pleasant Hope Competition and placed fourth out of 12 bands; they were the youngest band there as well as being one of the smallest. During the competition, the marching band’s technique has increased 42%, playing technique has improved by 65% and their overall score increased by 212 points since last year. The high school band will compete in State Small Group and State Large Group in March/April 2019. The Middle School students will compete in Large Group in April and Solo/Small Ensemble Contest in May. If you are interested in music, competing and making new friendships, talk to Mrs. Ware to join band!