The Season

By Lucas Rowe

The Adrian trap teams shoot every Wednesday at 5:30, starting September 9th through October 14th at Settle’s Ford Gun Club Range. The Varsity Blackhawk trap team includes Case Doody, Keaton Cook, Lucas Rowe, Trevor Thompson, and Quade Tallman. The Junior Varsity consists of Derek Miner, Logan Kisner, Korbin Kisner, Shawn Walsh, and Walker Watts. The teams are coached by Ethan Romi.

According to Coach Mr Romi, “Covid has not had a huge impact on the trap season”. He says,” We had the discussion of if we should even have the league this year and as a league, we decided to keep it going but with a couple of accommodations”. I asked Mr Romi what the biggest challenge was for this season and he responded with,” Trap Shooting is more in your head then anyone can imagine. You need to be able to calm yourself down after missing and come right back and hit the next. Our biggest challenge as a team has been being in our own heads.” I asked him if there was anybody that surprised you that made the team this year. He responded with,” We had two new additions to our varsity team this year, Trevor Thompson and Quade Tallman. Both of them are shooting really well and have been great additions.” I was able to ask Mr Romi one last question. How is the season going this year? “Trap season is going well, we are currently sitting in 2nd place in our league with one shoot left”.

I asked Senior Case Doody some questions about what he thought about this year’s trap season. I asked him how the season was going and he replied with,” It is going well.” Another question I asked him was, What do you think was the biggest challenge forwas the team this year. Case’s reply was,” The biggest challenge is people getting sick or hurt and not being able to shoot. Causing new people to have to step in on the team.” The last question I was able to ask him was, What do you think about this being your last trap season for FFA? His answer was,” It seems weird knowing I won't be able to shoot next year but I am excited to see how the team performs and places.”