By Breanna Durbin

NHS is the National Honor Society. Adrian NHS has 11 members, and you must be a junior or senior to be eligible to apply. You must be a good student, both academically and behavior wise, involved in your community, a good role model, and be a leader for the school. Junior Jacob Hawkins said, “My goal for this year is to be the best historian I can be.” The goal for the club this year is to raise money to get stylish shirts and have a positive impact on the school and community. The sponsor for NHS is Gwen Ford, a high school science teacher at Adrian. An NHS District Convention is planned for this year. Being in NHS can impact a student’s future career in many different ways. One way being it could very well increase the number of scholarships you receive. If you are an officer in NHS, it gives colleges the green light and shows lots of good colleges your name. NHS runs the “crushes for your crush” on Valentine's Day. Anyone can apply to be in NHS if you try hard enough and stay involved. If you or your student wants to get involved with NHS, they need to have good grades, be involved in the community, be a good leader, and be a great influence on the youth in our town and surrounding area.

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NHS Application