Scholar Bowl is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity for which players attend periodic practices and then represent their school at meets and tournaments. Scholar Bowl questions range over the entire spectrum of a high school curriculum and also include a certain amount of current events, sports, and popular culture.

The high school scholar bowl sponsor is MaryEllen Sears. Practices are Tuesdays from 3:30-4 and Wednesdays from 7:30-8 in Mrs. Sears's room.

It’s Big Brain Time

By Tony Scaletty

Scholar Bowl, like everything else is going to change this year, but we are not sure how as of yet. We do not know what kind of protocols will change this year, unfortunately. Scholar bowl meets every week after school on Wednesdays. Anyone can join throughout the year and they encourage you to check it out for a day and maybe join. They are always wanting new members.

Scholar Bowl is a place where you battle with brains, not brawn. There you match wits with your classmates or other schools to try to prove who has the biggest brain. We cover topics from math and science to English and literature, but also have some unexpected subjects like sports or pop culture. They are always needing more of those experts to round out their team. Their sponsor, Mrs. Sears, told me, “ We did well last year, getting second place in the conference. I think we could do even better this year.”

One of the contributing team members last year was Robert Atchison, whom I have talked with about some of these problems, as well as, what he enjoys about scholar bowl. When asked about what he likes about Scholar Bowl and why he joined, he said, “winning,” and “To win. I actually wanted to start winning at stuff.” I then asked him about his funniest memory and he said, “That time we were at a competition and Jacob said the name of a hockey player, and I said ‘You know soccer too?’ and he said ‘It's hockey!’ and it was hilarious.” Robert Atchison has been in Scholar Bowl for 3 years now, including this year, and is excited to continue playing. If you want to make fun memories like Robert, then come to Mrs. Sears room on Wednesday after school.