Speech and Debate

By Noel Martinez

Speech and Debate is sponsored by Mrs. Rachel Coffelt; you do not have to take one of her classes in order to be in the club. The meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m, and students in grades 6th-12th can join. This organization helps with communication skills, which can help later in life. Adrian is hosting a competition for the first time on Nov 10th. Some competitions are poetry, duet acting and radio speaking. Speech and Debate is putting together a play in March and the auditions will be held in December. When asked what senior James Keating likes most about the organization he replied, “Unpredictability of not knowing what will be said or how you’ll do.” Keating also said he’d like to become stronger at storytelling, and when asked if he would want to go to state this year he stated, “I’d like to it just depends on how much effort I put into my work with the rest of my extracurricular activities.” If you like speaking to an audience or would like to get better at it, then Speech and Debate is the place for you.