What: 2nd Annual Speech Tournament

When: February 15, 2020

Where: Adrian School

Students from other schools will come to our school to compete in our 2nd annual speech tournament. In order to host this tournament (and major fundraiser), we will need help from our school and community. We need judges, supervisors for the concession stand, and food for the coaches, judges, and bus drivers from other schools as well as other food for the student competitors to purchase in the concession stand. Please fill out the attached form to let me know how you'd be interested in helping.

Judges: Judges will rank competitors based on their individual performance in each room. You can volunteer to judge one round or multiple rounds. (You get free food!) You get a chance to see students performing out of the normal school element. Typically rounds are about an hour long (you'd get to see 6-8 performances). There will be either three fulls rounds or the rounds will be flighted (half of the events in Round 1A, half in Round 1B, then rounds 2A & 2 B, then finals). I promise it's not scary or too difficult! The competitors crave feedback from people like you!

Supervisors: Only a few would be needed. You would be in charge of helping students (probably middle and high school aged) prep a concession stand for the student competitors from other schools. You would work in shifts to help assure that things are running smoothly in the concession stand.

Our speech and drama team has to pay to enter each event that we go to, and this will serve as our major fundraiser for the year.

February 1

Warsaw, MO

Congratulations to Robert (Original Works) and Maddie (Poetry) for making it to finals today in Warsaw!