Mr Jim Hogan, Adviser

Mr Matt Sears, Adviser


By Hunter Steen

TSA stands for Technology Students Association. This organization helps students become better associated with technology fundraises money to be able to go to all of their competitions. They go to leadership conferences, state and national competitions. When asked why he joined TSA, freshman Chandler Jacquinot said, “I joined because I like Mr. Sears and his class.” Mr. Matt Sears and Mr. Jim Hogan are the sponsors. Hogan has a state-level award named after him given to the advisor of the year in middle school. Fifteen people are in Adrian’s chapter of TSA, and most of them compete. To get involved, you have to talk to Sears or Hogan and pay your dues. So far, Jacquinot loves TSA. He was in the middle school TSA program, so it is not much different. When asked what his favorite thing about TSA was, Jacquinot said, “I love to compete, and I hope to go to nationals this year.” Last year, the students who made it to nationals got a paid trip to Atlanta, Ga. This year the national competition is in Washington D.C. One of TSA’s main goals is to prepare it's members for a future career in technology. We asked Jacquinot how his competitions, tech bowl and speech in TSA prepared him for his future and he said, “I am in prepared speech, chapter team, and dragster. This provides me with opportunities in fields that most kids my age would not be able to discover. “

This 40x60 poster is hanging in the window at the MSBA offices in Jefferson City. The pictures are of the poster from within the building looking at the Governor's Mansion and from the outside in which you will see the Missouri Capital in the background. Our PLTW has been on the "front page" lately and this is yet another proud moment for our school.

Pictured are Mr. Jim Hogan, TSA Adviser and PLTW instructor, Christian E., Aaron Y., and Chandler J.