2018-2019 School Year

District Office


Don Lile

Superintendent Secretary

Charlotte Johnson


Monica Eads

Special Services Director

Kelly Reichert


Chuck Miller, Supervisor

Dean Curnette

Mitchell Dodds

Wayne Hunt

Mike Reed

Nutritional Services

Lynn Lindsey, Supervisor

Cynthia Chastain

Trisha Good

Sarah Lybarger

Julie Silver

Melinda Stevenson

School Nurse

Angie Preston

HS/MS Office

Abe Lewis


Activities Director

Jeanette Baker

Asst Principal


Erin Huckaby

Student Services Coordinator

Chancy Glynn

School Counselor

Tiffany Banks

Administrative Assistant

Aryliss Hamilton

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Todd


Teaching Staff

Sheila Adkins, Language Arts

Jill Jacobs, At Risk and ITV

Amy Basore, Physical Education

Tyson Basore, Physical Education

Nicole Bremer, Language Arts

Krista Brewster, Special Education

Shaun Bruto, Special Education

Elizabeth DiLillo, Family and Consumer Sciences

Catie Hinton, Art

Karen Cochran, Library/Media Specialist

Matt Cochran, Math

Rachel Coffelt-Ferrell, Language Arts

Lacey Cook, Science

Matt Davis, Math/Project Lead the Way

Fay Dizney, Paraprofessional

Stacey Evans, Language Arts

Stacey's Website

Gwen Ford, Science

Ethan Romi, Agriculture

Josh Hagberg, Special Education/Social Studies

Megan Johnson, Language Arts

Lesli Lame, Math

Gary Griffin, Science

Morganne Eckelkamp, Vocal Music HS/MS

Sydney Given, Instrumental Music

Caleb Noland, Social Studies

Ben Palmer, Art

Andrea Deal, Language Arts

Zech Blaine, Social Studies

Kelsi Robards, Physical Education

Carolyn Rowland, Para-Professional

Colter Schacher, Business/Technology/PLTW

Sydney Given, Instrumental and Vocal Music

Mary Ellen Sears, Science/Reading

Matt Sears, Project Lead the Way

Trevor Lynn, Social Studies

Donna Tenholder, Para-Professional

Josh Vanslyke, Math

Megan Horton, Math, PLTW

Elementary Office

Connie Reynolds


Wanda Gordon

Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff

Brenna Rich

Elementary Counselor

Mallory Lyons


Audrey Underwood, Pre-K

Rhonda Walley, Pre-K

JaNell Ferguson, Resource Room

Tracie Kimminau, Kindergarten

Lara Six, Kindergarten

Meshelle Thompson, Kindergarten

Kirsten Collier, First

Jenna Slattery, First

Amy Shipley, First

Amber Kohler, Second

Jen Watson, Second

Lisa Widner, Second

Wendy Cogbill, Third

Christine Blundell,Third

Brenna Romi, Third

Jenay Martin, Fourth

Amy McVey, Fourth

Carol Tilley, Fourth

Erin Hooper, Fifth

Traci Rugg, Fifith

Treva Smith, Fifth

Treva's Website

Catie Hinton, Art

Katy Bruto, Title I Reading

Brandi Hill, Title I Reading

Kelsi Robards, Physical Education

Sydney Given, Elem Vocal Music

Jennifer Kagarice, Special Education

Krista Brewster, Special Education

Jim Hogan, Gifted Elem PLTW

Karen Cochran, Library/Media Specialist

Kelly Talley, Library Para-Professional

Gary Smith, Technology Para-Professional

Shari Essenpries, Special Education Para-Professional

Mary Brown, Special Education Para-Professional